Welcome to my Home on the Web

I'm Olivia Sauvé, I graduated from the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with an undergraduate degree in medical science in 2020, and I am currently completing my Masters' degree in Neuroscience. I like to create new projects for myself, so I made this web page to practice my HTML coding skills, & host my personal projects. I'm always tinkering with my code, so please bear with me while I make changes!

Why Neocities?

Unlike traditional social media websites, where 'profiles' are one-size-fits-all with few user choices allowed, neocities allows greater customization and self-expression. However, it does require some skill to use - simple HTML coding. Not a problem for me! I love a project :^)

While making this website is a fun challenge, I also can't help admiring the early "net-deco" geocities websites from the 90s and 2000s, I find the amateur pages with flashing GIFs and 'under construction' signs so much more charming than the slick modern business websites that all look the same. Don't you?.